German Migration to Australia

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Video of the presentation by Ben Hollister  from the 2018 German-Australian History and Heritage Conference in Adelaide.

Who were the first Germans in Australia? When and how did they arrive? This Cook's Tour of nearly 200 years of Germans arriving in Australia will give a good foundation to understanding the push and pull factors, routes and peoples who made German and Germans the largest ethnic group after migrants from the British Isles.

About the Speaker

Ben Hollister has been a professional genealogist since 2007, and a historical researcher since 1997. He currently owns and operates a historical research business focussing on German-Australian research, and as well as offering a variety of support services to historical researchers. Ben has been the co-convenor of the Germanic & Continental European SIG of Genealogy SA since 2014 and also serves as Executive Officer of the German-Australian Genealogy and History Alliance, a network of societies, archives and researchers.

Ben is a Certified Professional with the Australian Library and Information Association and a director on the board of the Association of Professional Genealogists. He holds tertiary qualifications in information management, educational management, and applied history, and vocational qualifications in business management and event management and design.

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German Migration to Australia

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