2018 Conference of German-Australian History and Heritage - Full Access

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All 26 presentations from the 2018 conference held in Adelaide, South Australia, your to stream forever (or at least until the Internet, History Helper, or Gumroad cease to exist!)

Presentations include:

* In search of my Prussian great grandfather - Associate Professor Peter Brinkworth
* Researching my German family history - jumping the hurdles! - Eric Kopittke
* Eduard Grube's Australian Adventures: fact, fiction and exaggeration - Dr Tom Darragh
* Die Tischler and their Australian legacy - Dr James Bertouch
* The German and Scandinavian Presence in Tasmania: Case Histories on Selected Settlements - Michael Watt
* Waltzes, Wurst and Wine: Adventures in Search of German-Queensland - Mark Shuster
* A God Fearing People cast into a strange and forbidding land! The German Baptists of Queensland - Rev Dr David Parker (presented by Eric Kopittke)
* The Biography of a German Chair: an object revealing trans-national connections and stories - Christeen Schoepf
* Using DNA for German Family History Research - Cate Pearce
* Nine Serendipitous Meetings - Frank Olivier
* Recording German speakers in the Barossa and beyond: Maintaining and renewing a heritage language - Dr Peter Mickan
* The Great War and the treatment of German-Australians in South Australia 1914-1922 - Michael Wohltmann
* Heimat Adelaide: Mapping German locations in the city - Ben Hollister
* From France to Prussia and on to Australia - the Billiau Family - Professor Robert Heimann
* A threat to national security': Aboriginal Lutherans in World War 2 - Kayannie Denigan
* Which Side of the Hyphen? Acculturation of German Immigrant Music into a Unique German-Queensland Musical Landscape - Mark Shuster
* 40.6% German!: how I discovered that, and what I now know about my German ancestry - Neil Renaud
* Welcoming New Australians: the Lutheran experience for migrants after World War II - Adam Kauschke
* Trade Secrets - Dr Lois Zweck
* Power behind the pulpit – the Pastor’s wife - Dr David Sweet
* In Search of Professor Lau: German Naturalist and Musician - Mark Shuster
* German Migration to Australia: A (very) brief history - Ben Hollister
* Johannes Menge: More than ‘The Father of South Australian Mineralogy’ - Bernard O'Neill
* Nineteenth Century German linguistic thought and Australian Aboriginal languages - Dr Clara Stockigt
* GAGHA Projects: What, why and how - Ben Hollister

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2018 Conference of German-Australian History and Heritage - Full Access

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